906 N. Lamer St.
Thanks very much! Tell the next person who is nervous about trusting you with his/her visa that I give you two thumbs up! God Bless,
- Tommy
This is to express my appreciation to you for a job well done. I received the package this morning about 8:30AM our local time. Thank You very much, may GOD bless you all the days of your life....Amen. I will let all my friends know what a fantastic job you have done. It is nice doing business with you. Once more, I say thank you.
Your Sincerely,
- Chritianah
I would give you a big hug if I could. Thanks so much for all your help. I have already told our H.R. department to use you if we ever need help with visas in the future, since you've been so wonderful through this entire painful process. Best whishes,
- Jason